The course deals with the alterations of particular aesthetic attitudes regarding the development of the Romantic poetry and prose; with the questions of the individual and national identity; with the role of the past and history and with the development of the novel (W. Scott, J. Austen, the sisters Brontë, E. Gaskell, Ch. Dickens, W.M. Thackeray); with the late Romantic poets (Arnold, Tennyson, Elizabeth and Robert Browning); the development of British literature in the second half of the 19th century (G. Eliot, G. Meredith, S. Butler, L. Carroll, T. Hardy), the influence of Romanticism on the work of Stevenson and Conrad; popular fiction (Stoker); the development of aesthetic attitudes (Carlyle, Ruskin, Pater, Wilde); drama at the turn of the century (O. Wilde, G.B. Shaw); the development of prose at the turn of the century
(H.G.Wells, J. Galsworthy, A. Bennett).